"Your Collective Culture" 
"A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Ignite Your Team to Reach Success" 
Presents Vickie's  Innovative Solutions for Success and Profit for Collective Cultures in the 21st Century Workplace for Cultures, Corporations and Organizations.
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What others are saying! 

"Vickie Aigner’s new book is a remarkably fresh approach to business growth challenges.  It’s from a remarkable innovator who uses her unique experience in working with native people’s (from Fiji to Native American Nations to the Board Room) and applies her understanding of “culture” to move us all forward.  We need a new, clear approach from a leader I’m proud to respect for many years as one of the most thoughtful in her field.  Highly recommend to all!"

Dr. Jack Barnathan

"Vickie Aigner has been a great inspiration to the people of the Hualapai Tribe.  She has vigorously promoted health and wellness in our community through implementation of various programs that advocate for physical fitness and sound nutrition.  She honestly loves the Hualapai people and has worked tirelessly to improve our lives.  Thank you Vickie!!"

Kerry Chistensen, Hualapi Tribal Cultural Resources Department Preservation Specialist

Vickie is a remarkable person with a passion for leading her community, as well as, individuals, with her revolutionary and proven techniques that will create that desired difference in the areas they serve.  Vickie's background, expertise, and experiences have helped her design a system that will leave ripples of influence in the communities served.  From the moment I met Vickie, I knew she was one special person with a heart for leading others to higher ground and making a difference in her community.  She wants to share that knowledge and expertise with you.  

Terri Pouliot, CFT, SFN, SFC, SNC, SSN, Elite Trainer (ISSA)

"I've been following Vickie's creative style of teaching for a while now, mainly because she has the kind spirited drawing power I hope to emulate.  She has a way of motivating through enlightening and creative ways that shifts the thought of 'change' from scary, to intriguing!

Her colorful and diversity enriched background brings about an instant credibility, and brings about the feeling she is genuinely interested in people!  Even one step further, that she genuinely cares!

Vickie is more than "just" consulting...She is about moving people in a positive direction!  Bringing out the unique best in each individual lucky enough to meet her, and hungry enough to work with her! 

She continues to inspire me to lead others gently to their own paths to excellence!"

Jason A. Tivis 

Co-Owner of College of Strength Consulting, Lifestyle Design/Motivational  Strategy Specialist, Writer, Info-tainer, Blogger, Voice Talent


I love cultures, communities, people, and relationships. My passion for culture goes back as far as I can remember.

I grew up in a predominantly Asian neighborhood and in all reality, I was the only little white girl. I had no idea I was different. I thought I was Japanese until one day while dancing in a bazaar at the Buddhist Church, of course, all decked out in my kimono and finger clackers, someone commented on my pretty blonde hair and blue eyes. I was devastated.

I thought I belonged and was just like they were. I never went back!

But over the years I have come to see that unique and different are what makes a Collective Culture diverse and intriguing and complete.

You see, inherent in all of us is the innate desire to belong, to be a part of, to know we are accepted and making a difference, to be able to have input and share our unique talents, ideas, and abilities with others.

These are not new values, but they have become some of the defining characteristics of the new era we live in and are defining the way we live in this 21st-century world.

Today, Collective Cultures continue to have a large impact on the success of a group, making it a defining characteristic of a company’s success, one that can determine retention and attraction of your highest performing team members.

In the 21st century workplace, we have to provide more than monetary incentives for employees. Employees are looking to be members of a team with a strong Collective Culture. To thrive in today’s marketplace, we do need a new way of understanding and relating to the nature and needs of collective cultures.

What’s the focus?

To build a collective culture that responds to the needs of our team to ultimately drive business success, we need to be able to provide solutions for two very important questions that are relevant to any Collective Culture.

1.    How do we ensure that the company remains successful and profitable?

2.    How do I keep my best employees or team members happy in their jobs?

In essence, focusing on these questions as a company, organization or corporation will produce a roadmap back down to the people behind the company, and looking at all the pieces of collective culture that make them thrive.

"Your Collective Culture" presents Vickie's unique, efffective system and approach for achieving success, increasing profits and retaining your valuable members and employees as you navigate your way in the 21st century.

About Vickie Aigner


About Vickie Aigner

Vickie Aigner is an expert cultural and corporate consultant, coach, author and international speaker with over 17 years of experience in Collective Cultures. She has founded a company, Alive, Fit & Free, through which she provides consulting and coaching services for Collective Cultures, cultural and corporate communities, organizations and individuals.

Vickie Aigner is remarkably unique in her approach to consulting, enhancing and transforming Collective Cultures. She has not only studied the most scientific approaches to the above but, beyond this possesses a passionate fascination for understanding the nature and needs of Collective Cultures and presents an innovative approach to enhancing the quality of life and success within.

Vickie has lived in multicultural communities throughout the world and has gained tremendous knowledge and respect for the peoples she has met, studied, learned from and lived with.