Caju To You!

I never knew cashews grew on trees, until my recent trip to Brazil.


The Caju trees are native to the coastal regions of Brazil.

I was so surprised to see how the nut grows on the end of the fruit, called the “Caju” apple. 

The juice from the apple is a traditional Brazilian delight, and is made by grinding the fruit in the blender with some ice a to make an amazing healthful refreshing drink!



The “apple” is high in vitamin C, helps to strengthen the immune system.

The juice is also used in preparing sweets, sorbets and liqueurs.

Even the “raw” cashews we get in the store are lightly steamed to neutralize the toxic liquid surrounding the nut.

Cashews are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like vitamins E, K, B6, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron and antioxidants.


Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats found in cashews and other nuts are valuable to help manage your weight and reduce the build-up of fat and cholesterol thus protecting the heart. The fats found in cashews are also high in Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that encourages cell growth.

Cashews may be beneficial to help protect against heart disease, cancer, lowering blood pressure, improving eye sight, weightloss, and helps to prevent diabetes. The copper and iron work together in helping the body form and use red blood cells which then keeps blood vessels the immune system, nerves and bones healthy.


The cashew leaves have been used traditionally in healing wounds.

Although it can cause skin irritations, the peel of the cashew has been used in the treatment of cold sores and throat infections.

The wood of the cashew tree is valuable for use in construction and carpentry.


Indulge, Enjoy and Elevate your Health!



Creating Your Personal Culture

Personal Culture, what is it?

It is a way of life, that encompasses all the behaviors, beliefs, values, thoughts, actions, vibes, energy, likes, dislikes, social habits, cuisine and symbols that we examine, accept and carefully choose to have in our lives; those beliefs that are serving us at our utmost, our highest sense of being, for nurturing ourselves and others, for creating and displaying who we truly are.

Your "Personal Culture" is your Life, your Lifestyle, your Lifestyle Design...

You, my friend, can make that be whatever you want it to be, whatever you want it to look like...

And if you don't create your "personal culture" the way you want it to look, feel and taste... 

The world around you will dictate how that should be... 

Make the choice...

Create Your Personal Culture! 

The Alive, Fit & Free Method…

Expert Consultant on Cultural and Corporate Growth for Individuals, Communities, and Organizations

A Positive Transformational and Aspirational Life Design



Through The Eyes Of Zanzibar

As our van rambled across the Zanzibar countryside, and cajoled through the hills adorned with tropical jungles, the busyness of community and the interaction of people in this simple lifestyle not only impressed me, but challenged and humbled me as I found myself awed by the rhythm of life within this raw country.


You see, being a consultant, I get caught up in always looking for ways to help, and to improve and in my haughty perception, I set off to Zanzibar viewing life through this faulty lens.

My second day there, I heard this loud voice in my head say, “Stop it! Can’t you just step back, observe, marvel in, taste, touch, feel, breathe in this land and its people?”

It was exactly the slap on the face I needed to take off my high and mighty coach’s attitude and become enthralled with this life.

I observed villages tucked away in small clearings, and clothes lines adorned with vividly colored clothing flapping in the breeze. I saw women laughing together as they swept the dirt floors and washed their dishes in tubs outside. I saw barefoot children gleefully laughing as they chased broken tire rims with sticks.

I saw men riding on bicycles, their backs harnessed with loads of sticks, off to market to with their goods. I saw resourceful, creative people selling whatever they could find and sometimes that was a pile of coconut husks along the side of the road, or 5 tomatoes stacked up neatly on a makeshift table under a torn up salvaged piece of plastic, or old pieces of bicycle rims and parts, bent and rusted.

Whatever they had in their hands to sell and present to the public they did knowing that selling one tomato or the pile of coconut husks could feed their family for a week.


I saw a spirited people, with eyes that sparkled, black shiny skin and beautiful white smiles and when they spoke they did so with an air of royalty and grace. I saw sharing and caring about one another. I saw relationships and community at the center of their lives.

We ordered breakfast one morning… five people joyfully traipsed to the kitchen to prepare our meal and they conversed and laughed and it was a fun, joyful time.

They did not have much materially, but they were oh so rich in the ways that matter most.

Yes, I was not only impressed, but challenged and humbled me as I found myself awed by the rhythm of life within this raw country. And I am choosing to live my life through the eyes of Zanzibar!

Where Do You Live?

Culture… Where you live from the inside out…
your beliefs
your thoughts
your preferences

Isn’t it time to design your culture to elevate you to the “High Ground”?
The Alive, Fit & Free Method…

Revolutionary Consulting for Positive Transformational and Aspirational Lifestyle Design

Let The Adventures Begin...


I have a fun game to play to usher in a new year. 
Upon contemplating 2016, pick out 3 character qualities that you became last year through all of your many circumstances… That’s it…..
Think of 3 adventures… adventures that are totally outside of your comfort zone…
That you want to participate in this coming year…
Got them??
Now the fun part….
Couple your powerful new character qualities with your out of the comfort zone adventures…
See them coupled together for strength and victory…
Cement the two together by writing them down, drawing or painting a picture or make a vision board of them in celebration of the enhanced you and your journey for the coming year.
Keep this visual in front of you so you can remind yourself often who you are and where you are headed…
Let the adventures begin!

This is The Alive, Fit & Free Method
Come create your unique culture with me!
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be alive, fit & free,


Treasure Hunt...

We can be surprised and in awe of unexpected treasures each day, if we can only focus outside of ourselves and observe the world around us! 
Perhaps during this busy season we can purpose to observe outside of ourselves and find a wonder or two… join me?

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be alive, fit & free,


A Dream, A Vision, A Transformation

A dream, a vision, a transformation…
It’s getting from here to there…
It’s a process…
It constantly needs adjusting…
It’s challenging,
Sometimes taking us to the point of giving in, giving up, walking away…
Therein the journey lies the strength,
The character,
The life lessons,
The fortitude,
The peace,
The fulfillment… 

The transformation

The alive, fit &free method guides you in the process of transformation, walks with you through the highs and lows and provides you with simple to use, effective tools for you personal transformative journey…
Come journey with me!

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be alive, fit & free,


Gold Plated Coconuts...

When I was recently in Africa, not only was I impressed but also challenged, humbled and awed by the rhythm of many within that culture. They were ruthlessly diligent in selling anything and everything, persistently, day after day… and sometimes that was a pile of coconut husks along the side of the road, or 5 tomatoes stacked up neatly on a makeshift table under a torn up salvaged piece of plastic, or old pieces of bicycle rims and parts, bent and rusted.

Do they become self - conscious? Do they say, “My coconut husks are not as good as so and so’s?”

Do they think, “I’m not good enough to sell these coconut husks?”

NO… whatever they have in their hands to sell and present to the public they do knowing their lives, their livelihood depends on it…

Add in…. are you afraid to share what you have because you think it’s not good enough?

Are you comparing your coconuts to your neighbor, colleague, business partner?

Silly Us!!!

We can’t compare ourselves to anyone else because no one is us…You and me….

We are all one of a kind and uniquely created with a passion and drive and flavor all our own. Be proud and confident with humility, of who you are and the uniqueness of your coconuts…  

Our gold plated coconuts will be just right for someone!

Ahh… SO, we should have that attitude with our coconuts, our gold plated coconuts… who we are, what we have to share, our uniqueness, knowledge service, wisdom… As if our lives depend on it… because if we don’t…

That spirit, that life, that spark and fire inside of us dims and dies…

So we should persistently, passionately and with an urgency share who we are… as if our life depends on it… because….It really does!!


Contact me for tips on shining your gold plated coconuts!

Vickie Aigner, CFT, CA.